Australian labour market rebounds strongly after lockdown ends but still 1.6 million (12.1 per cent) without enough work

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the latest labour force data today (December 16, 2021) – Labour Force, Australia – for November 2021. With most states now abandoning most Covid restrictions just as the new variant arrives, which evades the vaccine coverage and infection numbers soar to record levels (go figure), the labour market certainly rebounded emphatically. Employment growth was very strong and resulted in sharp falls in unemployment and underemployment. Participation also rose, which prevented the unemployment rate from falling more. Overall, this is an improving situation although whether it will last as infection numbers start to rise rapidly is another question. It is certainly time for the Federal government to take advantage of the strengthening situation in the non-government sector and target some really good job creation initiatives in the regions and demographic cohorts that are still lagging behind.

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