The Smith Family manga continues – Episode 9 is now available

Episode 9 in our new Manga series – The Smith Family and their Adventures with Money – is now available. We are approaching the climax for Season 1.

Have a bit of fun with it and circulate it to those who you think will benefit …

The Smith Family are a middle-class family living in a city somewhere in the world. The second-generation parents are university educated and have professional occupations. Their two kids attend the local public school.

In Episode 9, the Smith Family are back home and local taxi driver Mark Harding, a propagator of all sorts of conspiracy theories and generally a bad-tempered fellow, is waiting for them at the airport.

He is listening to the news on the radio that informs him that the IMF is predicting the country will go broke because of the outstanding government debt.

Ryan walks up first and they exchange their own takes on the so-called ‘debt disaster’.

He repeats the almost daily mantra that he hears from Professor Noitawl on the morning finance report that the government debt is so large that every man, woman and child in the country is owed $40,000.

Little Emma, sparks up and thinks that makes her rich.

Ryan cannot handle the absurdity of the exchange but Emma is insistent.

The Episode is a variational play on the usual scaremongering that ‘sound finance’ types use to turn the public against government deficits.

We will follow up this twist in Episode 10 to bring the exchange to its conclusion.

Season 1 has three episodes to run and some new developments are coming in those episodes.

If you think you resemble any of the characters then either continue spreading MMT knowledge or get our textbook and get up to speed, depending on which character you might identify with.

If you have any feedback we will appreciate it, other than ‘this sucks’.


Next episode – Episode 10 – will be available on January 19, 2024.

That is enough for today!

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