The Smith Family manga continues – Episode 2 is now available

Yes, you have been waiting all week to see how the Smith Family was faring as they struggle to work out where the government currency comes from. Well, Episode 2 in our new weekly Manga series – The Smith Family and their Adventures with Money – is now available. Have a bit of fun with it and circulate it to those who you think will benefit …

The Smith Family are a middle-class family living in a city somewhere in the world. The second-generation parents are university educated and have professional occupations. Their two kids attend the local public school.

In Episode 2, Kevin comes home late armed with information he has acquired from studying a blog post or ten.

He thinks the logic is impeccable and he knows it will infuriate his father, Ryan who gets all his economics information from the morning TV finance show where a rather dubious Professor Raul Noitawl appears daily.

In this episode, you will see Kevin reading an article on the Internet which carries the title = ‘The Real Rock Star Economist’.

The following screen shot comes from a ‘Business Review Weekly’ article that was published on May 17, 2012.

BRW was a weekly finance magazine that has morphed into another publication.

But the article Kevin is reading in the manga was a real report, which was written in relation to a story about ‘rock star economists’ – referring to the increased prominence some economists in Australia had during the Global Financial Crisis.

During the interview I gave for that report, the journalist discovered that I played in bands and hence followed it up with the article captured by the screenshot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the unfolding story.

And if you think you resemble any of the characters then either continue spreading MMT knowledge or get our textbook and get up to speed, depending on which character you might identify with.

If you have any feedback we will appreciate it, other than ‘this sucks’.


That is enough for today!

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