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No blog post today

My usual very active life ground to a halt today as the flu bug that is working its way through the human population took me with it. Staying vertical for any length of time is quite a task. And I do not write very well on the horizontal plane. I cannot even listen to any music as my head hurts. And if I was to publish a blog post I might start saying that killing Brexit is the best thing the British can do or that the European Commission needs to further tighten their fiscal rules. And we wouldn’t want either, would we? Back again tomorrow, hopefully.

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  1. Rest Bill. You’ll be missed, but we’ll be otherwise occupied today watching British MPs trying to figure out which way to vote in order to keep us most closely tied to the EU. And, of course, some of them will also be defending democracy by explaining why the referendum result should be ignored. Apparently the British people were too stupid to understand what “should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave?” meant.

  2. Geez Bill, don’t mess with flu. You need recovery time. Rest is important… Complications can be nasty, particularly things like pneumonia. (disclosure: RGN in a previous life).

  3. Get well. I am also bed ridden due to a flu and I was hoping to find some time to read today’s post.

  4. Get well soon, Bill!

    I’ll try to sort the world out for a day without your input, but I’d rather not make an habit of it 🙂

    Gute Besserung!

  5. As I stand on the hilltop that overlooks one of England’s historic industrial heartlands I will contemplate how the iron and steel industries where built up under innovatory private industry and then became a colossus under nationalisation, only to decline as the world’s industrial centre of gravity shifted away from its birthplace, leaving its population to adapt to the new form of economic activity.

    It has meant some decline in relative prosperity, offset my increasing technological ingenuity so that even here life is immeasurably better than just a generation ago.

    As I look across this scene I will be reminded also of our explorative heritage because I will be stood next to the monument of Captain James Cook.

    You will be contemplated in your absence, Bill.

  6. Didn’t you get your flu jab, Bill? Get well and rest as much as you can. We can wait till you’re better.

    Hermann, very good. 🙂

  7. Flu can be more than nasty. Do whatever it takes to recover. Don’t stint on medicine and all the rest (pun intended).

  8. Rest is what the symptoms are trying to make you do; I’m glad your following natures prescription. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. Dear Bill,

    You should try some government spending – it is said to crowd out viruses.

    Get well.

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