Bank of Japan is making losses on its balance sheet – so what?

Sometimes when I am reading some story or analysis about the economy I sense a sort of glazing over effect – I just read the words as they appear on the paper and it is not until after I have read the entirety that I sort of have to pinch myself and realise that this is an attempt at serious journalism. The realisation that I have just read the most extraordinary nonsense that one could devise to present to readers then sinks in. I then wonder how a journalist could be so stupid as to actually construct and article in that way and seek so-called ‘expert’ commentary from an array of highly paid economists and bankers to support the nonsense. Who are they trying to fool? Well almost everyone is the answer. Why does this sort of journalism continue other than the lurid headlines sell products and that is what journalism has really become? I don’t accept that all these characters are part of a massive conspiracy to deceive the rest of us. Obviously, some of the players know clearly that they are manipulating the truth to advance their own agendas – like when bank economists continually claim interest rates have to rise (which they know will just boost the profits of the companies they work for). But the better way of thinking about this mass deception is that we have all been captured by the fictional world created by economists, who themselves are mostly trapped by the Groupthink that is impressed on them during their university days. Whatever the explanation, it still amazes me how stupid we all are for accepting this nonsense as serious commentary.

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