Administrative update: My blog has a new home

I have finally moved my blog and integrated in within my long-standing home page. The new blog address is – – although the old address will work forever. However, I do urge you to update your bookmarks to the new address.

The blog is now running on a new Linux distribution with more secure underlying architecture, allowing me to run the latest packages and database protocols.

The shift should be totally transparent to users – given the way we have configured the various virtual machines involved.

The next step in the transition to implement the https protocol and transfer everything from http.

This will further enhance the security of the site. We will do that in the coming weeks and the transition should again be undetectable to the user except that the URLs will change to https rather than http.

If there are any breaks that you encounter, I would appreciate a comment indicating where you have found an error.

This has been a rather complex operation given the size of the database and the new requirements that the new packages has forced on us.

I am also in the process of porting the Weekend Quiz over to and that is ongoing. I have had to write a fair bit of code to make that happen and I cannot give a time line yet (it depends on my workload) but be assured that in the coming weeks you will be able to once again take the quiz to your heart’s content.

Anyway, onward and upward

best wishes

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  1. The comment plugin may be eating formatting.

    Line 1.

    Line 2.

    Line 3.

    Each sentence should be on separate lines if it isn’t.

    Also preview comment is no longer an option.

  2. Dear Neil (at 2023/02/12 at 5:57 pm)

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have added a comment edit feature – which gives you 10 minutes after you initially post the comment to change it.

    None of the old plugins could be brought over from the old site because of the radical change in underlying system architecture.

    best wishes

  3. On the old site the rss feed provided the whole article, this one seems to provide only a short summary. Is it possible to have an rss feed like the one on the old site?

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