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Today is a public holiday in Australia to celebrate our dated our social outlook is – yes, it’s the Queens Birthday. Our head of state – a legacy of our colonial past which we have not yet been able to jettison. The vast majority of Australians want to live in a Republic with our own chosen head of state but it seems we are waiting for the old lady in Britain to leave the stage before we will commit to that preference. I don’t usually recognise this holiday but since last Friday I have been struck down with a bad flu and so I decided to suspend writing until later in the week. I have some interesting things coming up though.

Levy Summer School -Update

As I mentioned last week, I cancelled my travel plans to personally attend this educational event due to rising Covid numbers in the US and the travel advisories issued by the Australian government.

That meant that two of the planned sessions would have been difficult – discussion panels and so my sessions now, which I will deliver remotely are (the times are New York State times):

Thursday, June 16 10:30-12:00 – The Buffer Stock Approach

Friday, June 17 15:15-16:15 – Thirlwall’s Law (this is about the balance-of-payments-constrained growth theory).

You will be able to access those sessions via Zoom using the following link

and Pass-code 083828

As it happens, the day after I cancelled travel plans I came down with the flu and would not have been able to travel that far anyway.

Strange coincidence.

That is enough for today!

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  1. We here at the Levy Institute Summer Seminar miss your in-person presence but look forward to your internet presentations. Get well soon!

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