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Been down, but now back on air …

Dear All

Been down, but now back on air … sounds like the opening of a blues song …

Anyway, many apologies for the interruption of service since early Friday. The problem was at the Telstra exchange where the connection to the server that hosts billy blog is located.

The situation is that the server connects via a Telstra competitor which leases the line from Telstra as per our ridiculous national model of “non-competition” that the neo-liberals imposed on us. I reported the fault Friday morning and was told by my ASDL provider that while Telstra will respond within the day to its own customers it takes between 3 to 5 days for them to attend to the problems on their “leased services”. That is what we call abuse of monopoly power.

Anyway, 3 days later we are back on air.

Sorry for the interruption. In one sense it was timely because I have also been down myself with the flu.

best wishes
ps a new blog will come later today.

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  1. Welcome back ,
    Was trying to access the website over the weekend to see what your response to the comment for the Blog ‘Debt is not Debt’

  2. Yes, indeed, welcome back. I am glad that our economics lessons were not interrupted for too long.

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