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What is happening today? I am off to Europe next week for my annual inspection of how successful fiscal austerity has been (not!). I actually have some work to attend to. I will report on that in due course. I was due to fly to Sydney late Sunday but I changed my plans and decided to fly today, which also explains why my normal blog today is very short. What motivated that?

This was the state of play at 8:43 am WST Friday 22 November 2013, as issued by the Bureau of Meteorology:

The cyclone season is starting very early this year. The wet season has already been early with massive storms over the last weeks. By comparison, this time last year, the skies were blue and it was largely dry.

They are predicting three cyclones this year for Darwin and one mega-cyclone is due (which comes about every 40 years). The last mega event was – Cyclone Tracy – which hit on Xmas eve 1974 and devastated Darwin (killed 71 people and destroyed 80 percent of houses).

Even though it looks like the current tropical Low will not become a very large cyclone, I changed flights to leave today to make sure I can get to Sydney and not miss the flight to Europe.

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  1. Bon voyage, Bill! Take good care of yourself for your own sake, and of course, for the sake of your loyal readers too!

    Every day I phone from Vancouver, Canada to speak to my elderly mother who is in a retirement home in Toronto. Today I phoned around dinner time and said, “I’ve called to wish you bon appetit!”. She responded,”Why, where are you going?” I said, “Mom, I didn’t say bon voyage, I said bon appetit. I want to wish you a good dinner.” “Oh,” she said, “I thought you were speaking French.”

  2. Bill, I thought Darwin was dangerous only for crocs and box jellyfish.Say Dag to your buddies in Maastricht from me. Also eet smakelijk from me, too.

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