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Travelling today

No blog post today as I am travelling and catching up after travel, depending which time zone you might be in. I am now starting my latest European and UK tour and will be appearing at a number of events and functions over the next three weeks. I am leaving a nation with elevated (very) levels of temperature (43 degrees Thursday, 39 today), out of control bushfires creating permanent changes in our fauna, flora and social settlements (many of these will not recover), and an extended drought. I am heading to a place that is normally snowbound this time of year, but as of today (February 1), there is no snow on the ground and temperatures are still above zero. I understand variance, but, the extremes are becoming more noticable as the years pass. And, I will enter the UK, as an independent nation for the first time in 47 years. I think that is something to be happy about, although I understand that a signficant proportion of the British population are not happy about it. But that is the nature of our political systems.

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