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This is an administrative update.

Dear All

At the request of a few I have added a preview facility for the comments section. It is straightforward.

To submit the final comment you still have to be able to add up but you can preview the comment as long as their is text in the comment box via the preview option.

I have also been asked to install an E-mail alert for commentators so they can be aware of responses to their input. While I am sympathetic to the request the problem is that people do not give functional E-mail addresses in several cases. When I detect that, I delete the comment as per my comments policy but I cannot do that for all cases and so the alert system would end up sending me a host of bounced E-mails.

But at least the preview functionality will enhance you experience I think.

best wishes

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  1. Bill, I also do care a lot about environment 😉 but I often feel I have to print some of your posts to re-read them one or two weeks later. It would be great if you did a print preview screen with all comments. Then I would not need to guess how many pages I have to strip at the end of printing range to arrive at the full post with comments and without this long column on the right which appears at the end of the print out 🙂
    tnx for that in advance

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Is there actually any women working in your research group?, because there must be women out there who have similar views on your philosophy and can contribute in a positive way to your research, and may even offer a new and unique perspective on the economic situation. Me, myself hate Unionism, Neoliberalism and to some extent support the Marxist view of economic structure, although these are just terms and your perspective and interpretation of each term may be different to my own. Thanks for the Blog I read and try to understand as much as I can.


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