My blog is flying today

My time in Japan this year has come to an end (sob). It is back home for me and I will have to wait until next year before I return. At any rate, today I have no time to write a post so you will have to be content listening to the music I have ready for the flight.

Flying music

This is what I have been listening to.

This song – Chief Inspector – was released on the 1981 album – Brain Damage – by British reggae musician and producer – Dennis Bovell.

I haven’t listened to this album for some time but it was a pathbreaking release at the time.

Dennis Bovell came to the view that reggae music had stalled in the late 1970s and he wanted to see what a hybrid approach would sound like.

This album was his attempt and fusing standard reggae at the time with various other musicial forms – soul, rock, lovers’ rock, and jazz.

The album isn’t a total success in my view although I like a lot of the ideas.

This track explored how a reggae bottom end would sound like fused with jazz brass lines.

This paved the way for later work by Monty Alexander and others.

It is good flying music.

That is enough for today!

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