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Where’s bill heading this Friday?

I am travelling today and so no complete blog for today. But …

From an administrative perspective, I moderate some of the comments that are received. In that respect, there might be delays in seeing your comment published because I will be flying for some 18 hours or so. You can minimise the possibility of your comment being delayed by not putting any external links into the body of the text. I monitor all comments with links embedded and certain other filters are used to protect the integrity of my site.

I will be back in Sydney early Saturday (EAST) but by then you will be all having fun with the Saturday Quiz which will be available sometime early that day.

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  1. Bill:

    Looks like you have a 2 hour layover at SFO – would love to buy you a beer!!

  2. Dear Bill,

    External link embedded to NC – just wanted to link to the RSAnimate production of Bill Harvey’s presentation as a comparable/exemplar in creatively and effectively presenting bare bone concepts as visual cartoon animation, for those who have a similar interest with MMT. Harvey is “marxist …. a sociologist …. and says that at least there should be a discussion about where capitalism is taking everyone”. However am providing this link mainly for its creativity in presentation, in case someone missed it at NC. Hope that’s OK!

    Or at YouTube:

    Cheers …


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