The Smith Family manga continues – Episode 3 is now available

Episode 3 in our new weekly Manga series – The Smith Family and their Adventures with Money – is now available. Have a bit of fun with it and circulate it to those who you think will benefit …

The Smith Family are a middle-class family living in a city somewhere in the world. The second-generation parents are university educated and have professional occupations. Their two kids attend the local public school.

So it’s bed time at the Smith Family and we find Ryan challenging his intellectual capacities playing Patience on his mobile phone and Elizabeth doing some arithmetic that she is following on a blog post that Kevin recommended.

For Elizabeth, who has an open mind on things, follows the logic of the example which shows that governments must spend first before the non-government sector can meet the tax liability that is imposed on it.

Friction between the adults is mounting.

I hope you are enjoying the unfolding story.

And if you think you resemble any of the characters then either continue spreading MMT knowledge or get our textbook and get up to speed, depending on which character you might identify with.

If you have any feedback we will appreciate it, other than ‘this sucks’.


That is enough for today!

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  1. I have a suggestion. It’s a bit of a crazy one…

    It would be educational and funny? to see a character who as a result of the veil being lifted have an of the cuff thought about a how government spending could solve a real world problem but then immediately have their idea dismissed as a fantasy, only to then see it actually be implemented in reality by the treasurer.

    An example,
    • Elizabeth, as a result of her understanding of real resource constraints, has an epiphany that herself or Kevin could be paid by the government to stay at home and raise their children instead of paying other people to raise their children

    • Kevin, understanding spending comes first, dismisses the idea as a delusional, utopian ideal that will never manifest in reality because that’s not how government spending works

    • Rockstar economist/protege becomes treasurer and implements ideas generated in part through local community research for development of job guarantees which includes ‘paid parenting’

    Anyway, just a crazy thought. Looking forward to the next chapters.

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