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For the past several months I have been learning Japanese. I am now working at Kyoto University under a JSPS International Fellowship and living near the main campus. Each morning I go running along the Kamo River, which runs north-south through the east side of the city. It is a marvellous resource for runners, walkers, etc. While I have been learning Japanese formally, there is nothing like the real experience and just meeting people down the little lane where my house is or interacting with people in the supermarket has taught me the colloquialisms much more quickly than formal study could ever do. Outside the window of my office I hear people talking and the sounds of the language are music to my ears – allowing me to ‘repeat’ what they are saying (in the privacy of my office) to get the cadence and intonation down. Anyway, that’s it for today. Tuesday will remain largely a non-blog posting day.

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  1. It’s always nice to know what your up to Bill, good luck in Tokyo =^)

  2. Learnin’ lingo Billy Boy?

    The Trogger’s Reel Deal

    I am a cadgin troggin loon
    That yokits in the ‘City’;
    Ken fit tae bye an’ fan tae sell
    Ne’er showin’ ony pity.

    I’ve supped wi’ de’ils, jehova’s tae;
    I’I dine at ony table,
    An’ hae the sark richt aff yir back
    As lang as I am able.

    Yon pension schemes o’ loons and quines;
    I dinna fash; why shoulda?
    I skimmed my siller aff the tap
    And banked it in Bermuda

    Chicago boys, passed on their ploys;
    Wee Strauss and Milton Friedman.
    I gang their road that’s fu’ o’ greed
    And Hayek’s selfish freedom.

    I’m Master o’ mah Paradise;
    Nae social obligations;
    Yir gumphrell’s wits permitted me,
    Tae steal the Wealth o’ Nations.

  3. There is an article today in the NY Times about the US deficit reaching $31T and how the “borrowing binge” is unsustainable, etc. etc. The level of ignorance among the commenters (not to mention the author) has reached a new low, with many blaming MMT which of course they have no idea about, and the rest making the usual blind assumptions. I urge anyone here with a subscription to go there now and counter these posts. Color me saddened and appalled.

  4. I can relate to learning a new language as my parents and five children migrated from the Netherlands. I knew almost no English but at primary school I was fluent within six months.

  5. I have to confess, I am very jealous, Bill-san!

    There are so many wonderful things to see in Kyōtō, I remember the walk along the river, little restaurants, and the park where lovers meet. The stunningly beautiful Daitoku-ji temple complex, the Fushimi Inari-taisha with a thousand red torī arches climbing up the hill, ending at the graveyard where hundreds of kitsune, fox, statues are set on and around the graves.

    The autumn leaves will be stunning.

    Can I come and join you for tea?

    Best, Mr S.

  6. Dear MrShigemitsu (at 2022/10/06 at 8:58 am)

    You are one flight away from joining us. Take a week off work and get across (down latitude?) here. The weather is still fine and the everything is green and lush. One trips over a shrine almost every step there are so many! And the tea is excellent.

    best wishes

  7. The tetsugaku no michi, a walk up daimonji every day, 30+ ramen shops up in ichijoji. Enjoy your time Bill!

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