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今日は日本語を勉強しています。See – more.

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  1. Professor Mitchell,
    It’s a fantastic news that you are learning the Japanese.
    You will be aware more easily that how the economic policy of the Japanese government has been wrong and how ridiculous excuse it still sticks on.

    Recently our premier announced a significant increase of defense expense, but at the same time an active discussion in the government has started about how we can fund for it. The Ministry of Finance has said that it can permit increase defense spending within the extent of bridge bonds.
    I don’t want to imagine that our country really does so and that one day we give up continuing to fight against invaders for lack of governmental budget, but considering 25-year-long ridiculous deflation of this country it is not an absurd story…

    By learning Japanese language, you may be able to timely grasp a funniest-in-history extinction story on this planet in the future.

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