Travel takes over blog

I will not be able to write a blog today as I am travelling. I will be back in Australia early Wednesday.

Normal service will resume on Wednesday (EAST).

I have been in London the last four days and have learned a lot about how dramatic the change in the balance between the public and non-government sectors has been since the Tories took office. I will be thinking of ways of reporting what I have been finding in the coming weeks.

But for now a long flight to catch.

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  1. The team producing The Thick of It have said that they have a mole in the LibDems and that some of the things that they have been told that have gone on are so absurd that they can’t use them, as including them in the program would make the program and those associate with it look absurd. And this is a satire showing how absurd the government of the day supposedly is. A government that is more absurd than a satirical program about it. What a commentary on the government of the day. But I doubt you are surprised. At least, I certainly hope not.

  2. Bill,
    A story from government today is that it is considering pegging the increase in social security benefits to the rise in earnings rather than to inflation. The idea is that this will reduce government expenditure. In other words the government is telling a large proportion of its citizens – those relying on labour income – that the purchasing power of their income will continue to fall.

  3. Dear Bill,
    When the impossible happens (i.e. you cannot write your daily article), post a photo instead.
    Make it a music event photo, even (better).
    They’re worth one thousand words, they say.
    Vassilis Serafimakis

  4. “Does anyone happen to know if Bill’s blog contains videos? I want to collect them together.”

    All Bill’s videos are together on YouTube under the ‘billyboyblue2007’ username.

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