No discernible negative Brexit impact on British tourism so far

If you cast your mind back to 2016 and after in Britain, there were a series of shock horror predictions being made about the impact on the nation of leaving the European Union. The scaremongering didn’t dissaude the voters and the Referendum was determined in favour of leaving. It seems I lost some friends as a result of my support for the Yes vote – although in saying that one has to question the basis of the relationships in the first place. Most of the doomsaying predictions have not materialised although it is very hard to conduct research convincingly on this topic given that the Tory government has been so incompetent and that the World has lived through one of the greatest disruptions in human history (aka Covid). But I was looking at the most recent data released by the British Office of National Statistics on December 19, 2023 covering – Overseas travel and tourism, provisional: September 2023 – and it reminded me of the predictions that tourism from Europe would collapse and British people would find it hard having holidays on the Continent after Brexit. The data says that the prediction was like many – guff.

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