Q&A from British Labour Party Annual Conference Event, September 2017

This blog is short and only serves to provide a link to the video of the Q&A that followed my presentation at the British Labour Party Annual Conference Fringe Event on September 25, 2017. The presentation introduced the Reclaiming the State Project – and discusses my new book (with Thomas Fazi) – Reclaiming the State A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World (Pluto, September 2017).

The main presentation that preceded the Q&A is – HERE.

Thanks to Colin Stevens for filming and editing.

The quiz is coming later today!

That is enough for today!

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  1. Great video. Lots of bases covered in accessible form. So refreshing to hear economics discussed in clear, direct language and not some jargon filled waffle designed to exclude.

  2. I appreciate that Argentina demonstrated that it could return to financial markets fairly quickly in early 2000’s, but the overall story does not have a happy ending. Is Argentina a good example to single out?

  3. Dear Lloyd Kvam (at 2017/11/04 at 5:13 am)

    It demonstrates that the state can present a model which dominates the financial markets. It doesn’t necessarily demonstrate in recent times sound use of the currency capacity. The issues are separate.

    best wishes

  4. Great stuff;shame i couldn’t make it.

    Does anyone know whete we can sit through the mmt conference kansas city talks.

  5. Dear Bill,
    Unfortunately I missed this posting at the time, and therefore didn’t comment in a more timely manner, but if you happen to see this comment, may I ask whether you had any contact with the Labour leadership during the conference, and if so, were you able to give (or sell!) them copies of your book?
    I noticed that your presentation seemed to be well received by the immediate audience, but I’m guessing that this was a “fringe” event, and probably mostly attended by left-wingers. I guess not too many Blairites (still plenty of those in the Parliamentary party) were there (although it would be great if you managed to convert some of them).
    I’d been wondering about sending Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell copies of the book, but if they’ve already received it from the author, then of course that would be redundant.

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