The Weekend Quiz – June 16-17, 2018

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

Quiz #482

  • 1. An external surplus is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a nation that wishes to grow during a period of fiscal surpluses and private domestic deleveraging.
    • False
    • True
  • 2. When a nation's fiscal deficit is declining it tells us that the government has fallen into an austerity mindset.
    • False
    • True
  • 3. The only way a nation can reduce its public debt ratio (short of defaulting) is for the government to start running primary fiscal surpluses (that is, when spending net of interest payments is less than taxation revenue).
    • False
    • True

Sorry, quiz 482 is now closed.

You can find the answers and discussion here

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  1. 3 out of 3…:)
    Just shows some of this economics stuff is sinking in after all…
    Thanks for your teaching Bill…

  2. Well 3 out of 3 for me – hurrah – but I shall be reading the answers very carefully to ensure my reasoning is sound.

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