Eurozone Dystopia – Groupthink and Denial on a Grand Scale – now published

Edward Elgar, announced last night (Oz time) that my new book – Eurozone Dystopia – Groupthink and Denial on a Grand Scale – is now published and available for sale. Here are some details. I am sorry to interrupt the Saturday Quiz deliberations.

Some relevant links to further information and availablity:

1. Edward Elgar Catalogue Page

2. You can read – Chapter 1 – for free.

3. You can purchase the book in – Hard Back format – at Edward Elgar’s On-line Shop.

4. You can buy the book in – eBook format – at Google’s Store.

The book is expensive as are all Edward Elgar publications. Their business model works through wide-spread library acquisition rather than consumer sales. I would obviously appreciate if you are in a position to recommend the book to your librarian that you do indeed do so.

Knowing that the title would be expensive, I negotiated a non-standard contract with Edward Elgar, with whom I enjoy a very productive and amicable relationship.

Instead of the paperback version coming out after two years, I negotiated the cheaper paperback will come out in 12 months.

Moreover, the eBook will be available immediately and will cost $US36.10, which is eminently more affordable.

That was the best I could do in a commercial world to make the book as accessible as possible in the shortest possible time.

There will be an official book launch in Europe in late August with details to be announced.

Front Cover


Further pictures of back cover and full dust cover available here – Eurozone Dystopia – Groupthink and Denial on a Grand Scale – Early peek.

That is enough for today!

(c) Copyright 2015 William Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Pretty steep price for the hardback. I hope the paperback edition comes in at a more reasonable cost.

  2. Just bought the eBook. My interest in the stupidity of the last 40 years of neo lib ‘orthodoxy’ was sparked by losing $200+k in the Great Recession. I thought how could this happen when my financial adviser was so adamant that we’d achieve 8% growth easily? My interest turned to astonishment when the world seemed to go back to business as usual. Now having a little understanding of the way the neo lib nonsense is embraced by the MSM and our political parties, their pronouncements always seem so juvenile and designed to entrench the wealth of the upper one percent.

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