The Smith Family manga continues – Episode 6 is now available

Episode 6 in our new Manga series – The Smith Family and their Adventures with Money – is now available. Have a bit of fun with it and circulate it to those who you think will benefit …

The Smith Family are a middle-class family living in a city somewhere in the world. The second-generation parents are university educated and have professional occupations. Their two kids attend the local public school.

Note after Episode 6, the series will become fortnightly.

As the story gets more involved and the concepts traversed more complicated, the writing and artwork is more time consuming.

So for the second-half of Season 1, the series will be updated on a fortnightly basis.

In Episode 6, we find the Smith Family on holidays in Kyoto where Elizabeth and her best mate, Mariko Fujii are having a quiet catch up at a tea house.

Mariko and Elizabeth went to university together and have been friends ever since, sharing all their intimate thoughts, hopes and worries.

Elizabeth intimates that she is struggling with Ryan’s increasingly strident views on the government and the economy, which he gets from listening to Professor Noitawl on the morning TV finance report.

Mariko tells Elizabeth that she is doing work on Groupthink for her firm and using mainstream economics as a case study.

She also says she attended a seminar at Kyoto University where she was introduced to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and the professors in the audience were very resistant to the ideas – a perfect demonstration of Groupthink.

They conclude that if the predictions of the mainstream economists are consistently and systematically wrong, then there must be something wrong with their theory.

Later Mariko senses that there might be something going on between Elizabeth and Chris, an old flame from university days.

Elizabeth is not ready to concede to that.

I hope you are enjoying the unfolding story.

And if you think you resemble any of the characters then either continue spreading MMT knowledge or get our textbook and get up to speed, depending on which character you might identify with.

If you have any feedback we will appreciate it, other than ‘this sucks’.


That is enough for today!

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