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The PM should heed his own words

In the PMs xmas message he says that as Australians we enjoy “a prosperous and successful society, there are more Australians in work than ever before, our living standards are high and we are warmly regarded around the world” and that we should not to forget our less fortunate citizens.

He should heed his own words. While many of us enjoy the benefits of employment, there are also 11 per cent (at least) of willing workers unable to get enough work (jobs or hours) as a direct result of the Federal Government’s macroeconomic policies. They have created an economy which cannot produce enough work and then they have engineered a penurious welfare approach that blames the victims of their policies. In the year ahead, as it takes control of the Senate, expect to see low income workers put into more precarious states by attacks on the award wage system and disabled persons and single-mothers harassed into the active labour market program system. Yet, federal policy will continue to undermine the ability of the economy to produce full employment.

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